02 December 2005

Ready ready ready, COLOSSAL RIDE!

I wish to inform all that there will be some superb additions to le posts in short days, I have been designing a lot of funny pictures/posters for others and hope to share soon enough.

Also if I find some sort fo web-space I will post some of my more recent musical works. Expect a lot in the coming month, I'm really going to try to share with those of you who don't see me much, and I at least hope you check this every once and a while, that would be profitable to a lot of dutch ovens.


08 November 2005

I love sandwiches and white wizards

I am alive, things are well, I start school in January, History Education is the word on the street. Have a great day and expect a rebirthing of my fantastication in roughly days. What?


07 October 2005

Word Verification

It's begun because of those great genital enlargement companies trying to make my little deal here a slimey filthworld. Sorry you'll have to enter a code each post, thanks for coming.


22 September 2005

Signals, Calls, and Marches

I finally laid my hooks (remember the history of Tod pirate version 7.35?) on a Mission of Burma album, Ben, my good friend introduced me to them, but I had up to this point been negligent in investing my time and funds to receive said exultation.

I love it. All this new "indie" is basically patterned/mirrored off of these fine fellows and Gang of Four, they are far better at getting things done. I find MoB to be very powerful and unique. I recommend to all this album.

15 September 2005

The Magic Wardrobe for Yes Fans

Ok, not completely exclusive but I found this picture to be absolutely ridiculous.

If you happen to be into beastiality or gnome porn this the site to view, not really actually not, what?

That was fabricated on my part (not the picture, the gnome/porn reference).

What I meant to say is if you have any hardcore AD&D friends (note: if you know what that stands for you'll know what to do) then email them this link, yes, fans of Yes love it up.


06 September 2005

"Keep pets out"

Calexico I

There were barrels with the city name on them, she happened to grace the frame. She's got quite the slender girlish fingers... Hmm... Ninja?

Mexicali VII

This hotel is supposedly the finest in all of Mexicali. It's close enough to public transit and the aeropuerto.

Mexicali VI

The taxi we rode in. I believe the logo is a crow man wizard.

Mexicali V

Mexicali IV

Mexicali III

Mexicali II

I ordered too many tacos but gave these extras to our taxi driver, he was pretty happy.

Mexicali I

We got a taxi out to a little taco shop and these sauces were fantastic. The light green bowl was the best guaco I've had ever ever.

Southern California II

Southern California I

"Goblin School 2005"

This Divided State/Country/Awesomeworld

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic documentary by BYU alumni, Steven Greenstreet. It's called "This Divided State" and it's really fantastic, well I've only watched all the clips on the site including the trailer and I am absolutely stoked to buy the DVD. So that's the extent of my knowledge of the film... It follows the recent (2004) visit of Michael Moore to UVSC (Utah Valley State College) and the extreme rage it brought out of a lot of people, also the support of other minded Utahans. It's basically a fantastic depiction of civil discourse at it's worst and better-ish. Honest journalism, a fair representation of contemporary history something something.

I was unfortunately on my mission in Calgary still so I didn't have the pleasure of witnessing everything first hand, but I'm sure it was as awesome as the Thundercats Season Any or Labyrinth, hmm, David Bowie... I digress; check the site, I am proud to say this was made by a Utahan, in Utah:

This Divided State

Am I really proud of Utah because, really, Kay Anderson is not doing too swell representing me as a member of the LDS Church.

15 August 2005


This picture refuses to upload correctly (i.e. it's hard to read) so I'm afraid that's the best you're going to get from me. I hope you people at least crack the mountains with a smile reading these. I try to bring a little bit of my love tonight... Uh... Supertramp where are you?


"Dear Robert Jordan"

"Harry Potter"

31 July 2005

"French statesmen"


This begins the massive onslaught series of "Daily Thoughts". Oh, there might be more than one daily thought, sorry? How about not even one per day? Yeah!


24 July 2005


So I've received a few complaints, and by few I mean one, regarding my infrequency in posting on this blog. I therefore say all is well in my word center brain place. I'm preparing to enter university in Provo Utah in January pursuing a degree in History and Political Science. I'm going to be Indiana Jones II since I wrote the screenplays to those films anyhow, so yeah, that's that.

Peace be with your sad silly lives and may the Goo Goo Dolls give you blindness and enlarged lymphatic nodal open source C++ zombie-core yeah!

02 June 2005

Late night rambling news!

So it's 2am and I'm going to sleep within moments. I am really excited to have all these "portraits" up on this blog of mine. I keep finding more and more chances to mate the various species to form amazement. I'll keep this going until I burn myself out.

I'm anxious, slightly unprepared and excited to be moving on Saturday. My life continues to pan out and I'm going to try my best to not screw it up. Thanks for viewing my art and ramblings, whether as satellites or close friends I hope it helps your day.


"Angwusnasomtaqa: Crow Mother Spirit"

"Queen of Windsor"


1am treats!

28 May 2005


Yeah... don't even ask, I'm just posting it because I can.


This is what happens when you doodle during Art History. This picture has some meaning but if you really want to know you can email me.

Tod is going home

Tod, the sole author of this thing, is moving back to South Jordan Utah. Various reasons included but he will be leaving with the help of his father on June 4th North. Thanks to all who ever liked me, and I'll miss you here in Phoenix who I knew.



More to come shortly.

07 May 2005

Old Woman Revise II

Full image of painting.

Old Woman Revise I

A painting I did over a random painting with no artist name I bought at a Savers in Salt Lake City.

Whoa oh whoa!

So it has been a good deal of time passage since I last wrote on here. I'm sure it doesn't matter, maybe one person checks this site, ummm, me?

But school is good at ye ole Art Institute. And I've been working on a lot of music projects. I'm currently in the process of getting some remixes done of a Canadian artist "Final Fantasy." I'm really excited to get those out.

That is about it. Joyworlds.

23 March 2005

Prequel to Car Travel via Awesomeworld

This is the week of my move. I take all things which I've pseudo-urinated on, for marking, to Phoenix on Friday (blessed Ben is coming up on Thursday morn'). Wait... Yeah there was something like that in a dream a dragon had. Oh well, I'm a little stressed but mostly ready to go and do and congeal into golden gloryworlds of man. Yes.

I also wanted to state that I checked out "Dark Days" from the library and wow! I had heard about it from my friend Ian and I tracked it down and was blown away. That film will help you grow some philanthropic tentacles for homeless people faster than... well, not faster than everything... Obviously going to a country where the people have nothing will do that quite faster but still, I like to be punched in the face and then learn how to control the emotion of pain. Channels of self-mastery directed into inner harmony, self-awareness to global society.

How do we help the homeless and addicts, ideas from the chorus, anyone?

Tod is the House, what?

Smiley Magoo

Queen of the Coyworlds

Niece Alahna, God sent even.

Man as armstretched

Golden Monkey Idol III

Golden Monkey Idol II

Golden Monkey Idol in the Hands of Zhu

Golden Monkey Idol I

Traversing loveworlds with soft