28 October 2007


I am living the life of a wonder. I love my life, except for some of my procrastination, but I will conquer and slay all the dragons and puppies that stand in the path of my nation's interests.

I bought my chocolate-brown suit, shirt, tie, shoes, etc. for the upcoming wedding. Math test tomorrow and possibly Indian food to sensualize my existence even further.

Long live the Arcade Fire and Radiohead's "Reckoner." Amen. New week go!

09 October 2007

Offended? Amazed.

I am completely and thoroughly offended by John H. Esquire and will continue to find a way into his brain to assault his ego and intelligence... I actually think he is an amazingly kind man, though his heart can be the most confusing part of this world.

How I wonder about whether his supposed 'tag' of my blog is valid to my existence,
or whether I will find my own way
quietly tucked into the vast fabric of the space blanket.

These are the questions my mind wanders about on. I think I will hear the good news of my arrival at the Death Star in approximately ten minutes. Democracy now!

04 October 2007

Losing My Mind, But How I Love Order

I believe in sleep, but I have heavier beliefs in gold and hazy eye visions. Yes, I am a dreamer of the nocturnal vicissitudes, or something. I have work and then union in the evening. I have a reunion Friday night and in-flow on Saturday and Sunday. Free Burma!