27 November 2006

At Last The Crew Is Revealed

Thanks to those who placed there beings in my relative context. I really enjoyed myself and attempted to grow facial hair in near -30 degree weather. Thank you manfacehood.

Buzz Me In For Staring

Walking Down-Uptown To Graham's

To Le Calgary City

I Guess I'm Floating - Oh No! Oh My!

Up in the sky with a Scottish Lethbridgite Woman, my common co-pilot to my old stay. The land revisted and the man blooming like a mouse-tiger.

12 August 2006

Tod Robbins: MySpace Musicworld...

So I've posted a couple of my recent songs on a MySpace music page. Hopefully you all, every one of you who may have ever looked on this blogness ever even ever... will like what you hear and leave me some comments even. I miss lots of you people all over the world and love is a feeling we just don't understand but we'll give it to you. Uh... Bye.



11 February 2006

Liar I am

I am a liar. Plain to see like a walrus trying to pick you up for a 5 dollar evening at Shoney's, just for cards and umbrella disco parties she said. What?

I had a girlfriend, that didn't work, and now I am writing music and reading lots of books, going to a bit of university. I will post soon enough. I ask for your patience, forgiveness, and hopefully I will pull it together currently.