28 April 2009

Did You Know 3.0

I found this on the lovely blog of Eleanor Cleverly (mi hermana), and had to share it with those not familiar with her intriguing posts. Data is overflowing the earth, and what do we make of it?

27 April 2009

Swine flu: we're at Phase 4 now. Whoa.

Now this may not turn into a 1918 situation, but still: not cool. Let's all keep our eyes open and don't forget to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Also: wash you hands frequently! Seriously, people.

24 April 2009

My new blog: Water, Blood, & Oil

I've started a new blog titled: Water, Blood, & Oil on WordPress. The blog will be for my spiritual experiences and various meanderings, also my creations that feel like they need another place of presentation. This blog is fun, and quirky, and usually a good place to discuss lots of random things. This new blog will hopefully be more focused and maybe even reverent (hmm...). Anyhow, hope those who are interested in spiritual discussions and meditations will give it a shot.

Love you all,


Arnold: My Man

05 April 2009

General Conference: Shazam!

Elder Richard G. Scott's talk, in the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference, was a really moving account of his personal experience with God, especially his reckoning with the loss of his wife. Take a look, especially if you missed it. I was in the Conference Center for his talk and was moved very deeply in my heart.

What a great weekend for myself and family.