30 November 2007

This Old House: Provisional

Just over two weeks before I depart from Hot Strudel to marriage and cohabitation. Yes, yes, yes. I accept all the futurity of such wonderment, with all of its glorious consequences.

I happen to be in a fit of insomnia tonight (this morning), but I will change of course, as this kind of existence is transient and prohibits any sort of fullness of energy coming to my person.

I also feel like the coming weeks will show that I can be stable. No exacts about what "stable" means, but I am happy to announce that I feel such clarity as I have not known in all my life. The clarity is intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and even physical. I am ready for cancer, car accidents, hard drive failures, embarrassing stories being told about me, finding gold in my flower bed, riding a unicorn into a glowing morn', fly gently with a staff in my hand, or more preferably and ultimately: living a whole life full of bliss with Pamela Beus-soon-to-be-Mrs. Robbins, nights and days of worlds without end.

There Will Be Blood

I saw a trailer for a really neat film coming out soon. It's called There Will Be Blood, and it's based on the Upton Sinclair novel Oil!, which is pretty intense from what I gather. It's about turn-of-the-20th-century oil mining. Anyhow, Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) composed the soundtrack, which is amazing from every second I have heard. And I present to you this film trailer:

Daniel Day-Lewis!

O Brick Oven!

Emily invited myself and Ryan to Brick Oven. I felt great about my shirtfit, and we had a great time. Our waiter was from the Czech Republic (that's my guesstamation), and she was totally flirting with Ryan, ha.

I think I ate too much, and had bowel disturbances later in the evening. Though I must say: I love ice cream and apple cobbler. Yummers.

It might just be...

Early morning? Sure. Sleep isn't going to happen yet, but I think I am on the right track. I love guitar music. I have been listening to some amazing solo guitar pieces, just classically-golden! Maybe I'll get fancy and post one or two. I am really loving this music blog Motel de Moka lately. They/he/she posts very neat music. Yummers.

14 November 2007

Too Much Math

I am having just a horrible time with Math 1010 but alas, I must prevail. I think I will buy a lot of useless things and then return them, and then do some push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. This will give me certain constants and variables with which to plug-in to said math. Then, only then, will I truly have an application of principle. Nevermind, that was a shoddy attempt of a post, but I am mainly trying to outdo John Hurst these days. What a handsome gentleman!

The Electric Car

My group presentation went well in my Ethics & Values class today. I also ate some sandwiches, and an apple. I basically am ready to fly somewhere, or maybe just get married. No, both.

08 November 2007

Tired like a mule

I am about to sleep for a bit, but wanted to greet the universe with a kiss of friendship!

I am nearly to my wedding to Pamela, and we are almost sure we have a place to live now! School is moving along and I feel really optimistic about my future and the good I can do with good intent.

I was happy to see Referendum 1 defeated in the statewide vote. I hope something more comprehensive will be presented in the future as to viable options for education in this complex time. I may be an idealist, voting as one perhaps, but I claim no exclusive knowledge. I am ready to change my opinions when I feel it to be progressive to my nature and those directly affected by my actions. I also freely admit to being stubborn about stubborn people. I have work to do, inward and outward, and know it will be done as I do. Done as I do?

Farewell for a bit.