27 December 2007

Having the holly jolly holidays

I am in Benton City, Washington, and totally having a blast with Pamela, my gorgeous fiance, and her family. Our Christmas day was very relaxed and fun. I dressed up as a present from Santa for Pamela, she was quite surprised I was in the wrapping paper when she got close enough to recognize me. I enjoyed surprising her.

The last few days have been full of good food and fun games. I learned how to play Rook and Quidler, both amazing and great. Mom and Dad Beus got us some great new board games to play, though Pamela has schooled me at every one so far, ha!

I am loving life and thrilled for the new year to come and for my soul to expand and encompass all the goodness that I can experience. God bless us all.

12 December 2007

A clear statement

Comments? I really enjoy Elder Ballard. Notice John: he said libertarians can be faithful members of the Church. How about that? ;-)

11 December 2007

New layout and...

The wedding has been postponed while Tod confronts personal demons and fights them with hot iron and smiles. I am full of joy and time is so insignificant to me as this phase of existence continually seems as a sliver to me. The eternities are large and I am loved by many. I wish you people could spend a moment inside me. It really is fantastic and terrible all at once, and then you would just want that ice cream, that eternally sweet and smooth experience. Life is definitely worth every moment, especially the crying-type moments.

Well here is a wonderful picture of Pamela and myself outside the Provo Utah Temple last Wednesday. I love her, and even though I am a goober she loves me too. What a life!

06 December 2007

Rough weekend but...

Things are certainly looking up and I feel alive and vibrant. Some events have shaken my reality but others have allowed me to challenge constructs that are harmful to my existence. I challenge the reality of incapability/incapacity within my own self. I am a being of eternal nature, though subject to certain laws and forces, I am able to rise above all shadow and shine brighter than any lightning. God is real. He is my Father. I am His son. I have power to challenge constructs, words, feelings, and histories. I will be what is necessary for the earth, for my earthly and heavenly kin.

30 November 2007

This Old House: Provisional

Just over two weeks before I depart from Hot Strudel to marriage and cohabitation. Yes, yes, yes. I accept all the futurity of such wonderment, with all of its glorious consequences.

I happen to be in a fit of insomnia tonight (this morning), but I will change of course, as this kind of existence is transient and prohibits any sort of fullness of energy coming to my person.

I also feel like the coming weeks will show that I can be stable. No exacts about what "stable" means, but I am happy to announce that I feel such clarity as I have not known in all my life. The clarity is intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and even physical. I am ready for cancer, car accidents, hard drive failures, embarrassing stories being told about me, finding gold in my flower bed, riding a unicorn into a glowing morn', fly gently with a staff in my hand, or more preferably and ultimately: living a whole life full of bliss with Pamela Beus-soon-to-be-Mrs. Robbins, nights and days of worlds without end.

There Will Be Blood

I saw a trailer for a really neat film coming out soon. It's called There Will Be Blood, and it's based on the Upton Sinclair novel Oil!, which is pretty intense from what I gather. It's about turn-of-the-20th-century oil mining. Anyhow, Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) composed the soundtrack, which is amazing from every second I have heard. And I present to you this film trailer:

Daniel Day-Lewis!

O Brick Oven!

Emily invited myself and Ryan to Brick Oven. I felt great about my shirtfit, and we had a great time. Our waiter was from the Czech Republic (that's my guesstamation), and she was totally flirting with Ryan, ha.

I think I ate too much, and had bowel disturbances later in the evening. Though I must say: I love ice cream and apple cobbler. Yummers.

It might just be...

Early morning? Sure. Sleep isn't going to happen yet, but I think I am on the right track. I love guitar music. I have been listening to some amazing solo guitar pieces, just classically-golden! Maybe I'll get fancy and post one or two. I am really loving this music blog Motel de Moka lately. They/he/she posts very neat music. Yummers.

14 November 2007

Too Much Math

I am having just a horrible time with Math 1010 but alas, I must prevail. I think I will buy a lot of useless things and then return them, and then do some push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. This will give me certain constants and variables with which to plug-in to said math. Then, only then, will I truly have an application of principle. Nevermind, that was a shoddy attempt of a post, but I am mainly trying to outdo John Hurst these days. What a handsome gentleman!

The Electric Car

My group presentation went well in my Ethics & Values class today. I also ate some sandwiches, and an apple. I basically am ready to fly somewhere, or maybe just get married. No, both.

08 November 2007

Tired like a mule

I am about to sleep for a bit, but wanted to greet the universe with a kiss of friendship!

I am nearly to my wedding to Pamela, and we are almost sure we have a place to live now! School is moving along and I feel really optimistic about my future and the good I can do with good intent.

I was happy to see Referendum 1 defeated in the statewide vote. I hope something more comprehensive will be presented in the future as to viable options for education in this complex time. I may be an idealist, voting as one perhaps, but I claim no exclusive knowledge. I am ready to change my opinions when I feel it to be progressive to my nature and those directly affected by my actions. I also freely admit to being stubborn about stubborn people. I have work to do, inward and outward, and know it will be done as I do. Done as I do?

Farewell for a bit.

28 October 2007


I am living the life of a wonder. I love my life, except for some of my procrastination, but I will conquer and slay all the dragons and puppies that stand in the path of my nation's interests.

I bought my chocolate-brown suit, shirt, tie, shoes, etc. for the upcoming wedding. Math test tomorrow and possibly Indian food to sensualize my existence even further.

Long live the Arcade Fire and Radiohead's "Reckoner." Amen. New week go!

09 October 2007

Offended? Amazed.

I am completely and thoroughly offended by John H. Esquire and will continue to find a way into his brain to assault his ego and intelligence... I actually think he is an amazingly kind man, though his heart can be the most confusing part of this world.

How I wonder about whether his supposed 'tag' of my blog is valid to my existence,
or whether I will find my own way
quietly tucked into the vast fabric of the space blanket.

These are the questions my mind wanders about on. I think I will hear the good news of my arrival at the Death Star in approximately ten minutes. Democracy now!

04 October 2007

Losing My Mind, But How I Love Order

I believe in sleep, but I have heavier beliefs in gold and hazy eye visions. Yes, I am a dreamer of the nocturnal vicissitudes, or something. I have work and then union in the evening. I have a reunion Friday night and in-flow on Saturday and Sunday. Free Burma!

28 September 2007

U.S. Campaign for Burma in Provo/Orem

I, with the help of one other, will be seeking to inform other UVSC students about the situation in Burma and hopefully gain some more support from the locals. We will be handing out information sheets and have a petition to sign.

I do not understand why UVSC will remove you from the campus if you distribute handbills without club sponsorship. This is what I was told earlier this afternoon. I do not see the legality of it when the college is a state run facility as opposed to a private institution, or so I believe.

And a forward I go with the peace and prosperity of my brothers and sisters in the fore-mind.

20 September 2007

A note to my dearest John

In a brief conversation John H. told me that some people like eating Lucky Charms with whole milk. I will respond for everyone:

Getting kicked in the stomach of your soul is obviously great, especially in obtaining the grand end of metaphysical Hulk Hoganism. Therefore, eating the sweetness of marshmallows and grain imitations also would be comparable to "great".

End of line.

Macbook Tod Died

My new Macbook had a horrible weekend and the hard drive died Saturday night. I lost all of my transcriptions of Scottish documents from my trip this summer. I lost all my photos of said trip, and a bunch of poems/prose I wrote whilst in the very land.

This kind of winded me and I am still trying to understand why it happened now and what I am to learn from it. I am changing a lot of colors to rainbows; meaning: I learn every day that life is not complete without trial and loss, and that bliss is the return of something once lost but recovered by your other hand, the one with the gentle grip.

So more to come, but I have been kicked in the stomach of my soul, and it feels almost as good as eating Lucky Charms with whole milk.

07 September 2007

Job = Target

I have a new job, and I am excited for this weekend. A lot interesting and joyous experiences are awaiting throughout the weekend. I will tell a funny story now:

I was coaxed into wearing something that John Hurst will forever regret recommending to me. I will shoot laser-icicle beams at his soul. The end.

More to come soon.

20 August 2007


Having a frustrating time finding any sort of work. I still love my life and am really thankful for cheese, crackers, and salsa. I also love Maximo Park. The end.

17 August 2007

The Return of Tod

I am now upon the internet in full emailing, bookmarking, commenting, downloading, article reading, glorious force. So I am what I am and that means: I ate food and was allowed preserved life. I am about to start a semester and hope the world of knowledge will bow before me as I exert Herculean effort. I will report back shortly.

27 March 2007

26 March 2007

Hare Krishna

Mmm... New photos to be posted probably tomorrow. I'm just too tired to post. Yes, this is a post, but the photo posting takes more time minutes.