23 March 2005

Prequel to Car Travel via Awesomeworld

This is the week of my move. I take all things which I've pseudo-urinated on, for marking, to Phoenix on Friday (blessed Ben is coming up on Thursday morn'). Wait... Yeah there was something like that in a dream a dragon had. Oh well, I'm a little stressed but mostly ready to go and do and congeal into golden gloryworlds of man. Yes.

I also wanted to state that I checked out "Dark Days" from the library and wow! I had heard about it from my friend Ian and I tracked it down and was blown away. That film will help you grow some philanthropic tentacles for homeless people faster than... well, not faster than everything... Obviously going to a country where the people have nothing will do that quite faster but still, I like to be punched in the face and then learn how to control the emotion of pain. Channels of self-mastery directed into inner harmony, self-awareness to global society.

How do we help the homeless and addicts, ideas from the chorus, anyone?

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VENDETTA said...

More education and more state funded health and mental health care.

Most homeless people are deinstitutionalized mental cases- thrown out of institutions because of lack of funding for their care- true story.