12 September 2009

132 Libraries of Congress

"To our knowledge, there is no company that does the level of vital records preservation that FamilySearch does," said Brother Nauta. "The records FamilySearch contains currently, when digitized, would equal 132 Libraries of Congress or 18 petabytes of data---and that doesn't include our ongoing acquisition efforts."

What! 132 Libraries of Congress! I looked it up: 18 petabytes is 18,000 Terabytes! This is really an amazing work the LDS Church's Family History Department is engaged in:

03 September 2009

Principal apologizes for showing Obama video in school

The plot thickens. Shame on you Utah Eagle Forum for turning everything into polar issue. Lame.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Call it people's veiled racism

Call it people's veiled racism, call it complete paranoia. I don't know, but this is so ridiculous. "Don't indoctrinate my children with your brief speech Mr. Anti-America President!" I'm ashamed. Now to research whether this is happening in other states or just our conservative hotbed.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com