23 March 2005

Prequel to Car Travel via Awesomeworld

This is the week of my move. I take all things which I've pseudo-urinated on, for marking, to Phoenix on Friday (blessed Ben is coming up on Thursday morn'). Wait... Yeah there was something like that in a dream a dragon had. Oh well, I'm a little stressed but mostly ready to go and do and congeal into golden gloryworlds of man. Yes.

I also wanted to state that I checked out "Dark Days" from the library and wow! I had heard about it from my friend Ian and I tracked it down and was blown away. That film will help you grow some philanthropic tentacles for homeless people faster than... well, not faster than everything... Obviously going to a country where the people have nothing will do that quite faster but still, I like to be punched in the face and then learn how to control the emotion of pain. Channels of self-mastery directed into inner harmony, self-awareness to global society.

How do we help the homeless and addicts, ideas from the chorus, anyone?

Tod is the House, what?

Smiley Magoo

Queen of the Coyworlds

Niece Alahna, God sent even.

Man as armstretched

Golden Monkey Idol III

Golden Monkey Idol II

Golden Monkey Idol in the Hands of Zhu

Golden Monkey Idol I

Traversing loveworlds with soft

I in Motionworlds

Trees are Lightning III

Similar and yet I don't care what you want Veritgo.

Trees are Lightning II

Trees glowing and I am swimming.

Trees are Lightning I

Lamps are organically organizing, yuh.

Universal Keys & Light I

Glow my world of lo-fi.

01 March 2005

Dairy girl's dream

This is a superfunked-great song I wrote the other night at 2am, I think. I call it this:

There once was a man without any hands.
He traded in his fingers for cheese graders.

He's a dairy girl's dream, a dairy girl's dream.
Look past the seems and you will see a real boy.

He's different than you and me,
He's a dairy girl's dream, a dairy girl's dream.

by: Todd Rachmaninoff Robbins

Sabbath curtain glories

Guitar and Lightfields II

Guitar and Lightfields

Momma cuts the universes

Momma cuts the universes.

We can slice

We can slice, we can slice.