28 September 2007

U.S. Campaign for Burma in Provo/Orem

I, with the help of one other, will be seeking to inform other UVSC students about the situation in Burma and hopefully gain some more support from the locals. We will be handing out information sheets and have a petition to sign.

I do not understand why UVSC will remove you from the campus if you distribute handbills without club sponsorship. This is what I was told earlier this afternoon. I do not see the legality of it when the college is a state run facility as opposed to a private institution, or so I believe.

And a forward I go with the peace and prosperity of my brothers and sisters in the fore-mind.

20 September 2007

A note to my dearest John

In a brief conversation John H. told me that some people like eating Lucky Charms with whole milk. I will respond for everyone:

Getting kicked in the stomach of your soul is obviously great, especially in obtaining the grand end of metaphysical Hulk Hoganism. Therefore, eating the sweetness of marshmallows and grain imitations also would be comparable to "great".

End of line.

Macbook Tod Died

My new Macbook had a horrible weekend and the hard drive died Saturday night. I lost all of my transcriptions of Scottish documents from my trip this summer. I lost all my photos of said trip, and a bunch of poems/prose I wrote whilst in the very land.

This kind of winded me and I am still trying to understand why it happened now and what I am to learn from it. I am changing a lot of colors to rainbows; meaning: I learn every day that life is not complete without trial and loss, and that bliss is the return of something once lost but recovered by your other hand, the one with the gentle grip.

So more to come, but I have been kicked in the stomach of my soul, and it feels almost as good as eating Lucky Charms with whole milk.

07 September 2007

Job = Target

I have a new job, and I am excited for this weekend. A lot interesting and joyous experiences are awaiting throughout the weekend. I will tell a funny story now:

I was coaxed into wearing something that John Hurst will forever regret recommending to me. I will shoot laser-icicle beams at his soul. The end.

More to come soon.