15 September 2005

The Magic Wardrobe for Yes Fans

Ok, not completely exclusive but I found this picture to be absolutely ridiculous.

If you happen to be into beastiality or gnome porn this the site to view, not really actually not, what?

That was fabricated on my part (not the picture, the gnome/porn reference).

What I meant to say is if you have any hardcore AD&D friends (note: if you know what that stands for you'll know what to do) then email them this link, yes, fans of Yes love it up.



eyun said...

My brother was just mentioning today how it would be good to do a documentary on RPG's and Renessaince fairs. This would definately need to be included.

Tod Robbins said...

Totally, a friend of mine and myself are working on a Smurfs documentary that researches the influences of Smurf-culture on society. Very exciting project!

aisy said...

that picture is so creepy... especially for a feline hater like myself.