06 September 2005

This Divided State/Country/Awesomeworld

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic documentary by BYU alumni, Steven Greenstreet. It's called "This Divided State" and it's really fantastic, well I've only watched all the clips on the site including the trailer and I am absolutely stoked to buy the DVD. So that's the extent of my knowledge of the film... It follows the recent (2004) visit of Michael Moore to UVSC (Utah Valley State College) and the extreme rage it brought out of a lot of people, also the support of other minded Utahans. It's basically a fantastic depiction of civil discourse at it's worst and better-ish. Honest journalism, a fair representation of contemporary history something something.

I was unfortunately on my mission in Calgary still so I didn't have the pleasure of witnessing everything first hand, but I'm sure it was as awesome as the Thundercats Season Any or Labyrinth, hmm, David Bowie... I digress; check the site, I am proud to say this was made by a Utahan, in Utah:

This Divided State

Am I really proud of Utah because, really, Kay Anderson is not doing too swell representing me as a member of the LDS Church.

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