08 November 2005

I love sandwiches and white wizards

I am alive, things are well, I start school in January, History Education is the word on the street. Have a great day and expect a rebirthing of my fantastication in roughly days. What?



aisy said...

history education... what's the history of unicorns?

Tod Robbins said...

well, have you ever seen "the voyage of the unicorn"? then, then... we can talk about history.

aisy said...

when i heard they cast beau bridges i decided it wasn't worth my time

Tod Robbins said...

what? actually it's probably one of the funniest movies i've ever seen, and they totally didn't mean for it to be, find it at a savers/d.i. for one wonderful continuous laugh.

p.s.: there aren't really any unicorns in it even!