16 January 2009

'War on terror' was wrong

"Seven years on from 9/11 it is clear that we need to take a fundamental look at our efforts to prevent extremism and its terrible offspring, terrorist violence. Since 9/11, the notion of a "war on terror" has defined the terrain. The phrase had some merit: it captured the gravity of the threats, the need for solidarity, and the need to respond urgently - where necessary, with force. But ultimately, the notion is misleading and mistaken. The issue is not whether we need to attack the use of terror at its roots, with all the tools available. We must. The question is how."

Read the rest of this great editorial by Foreign Secretary of the UK, David Miliband, by clicking here.

Just a Couple Awesome Videos

Talk about Millenial parallels here:

And of course I delight in Keifer Sutherland:

14 January 2009

Afghan Girls, Scarred by Acid, Defy Terror, Embracing School

Afghan Girls, Scarred by Acid, Defy Terror, Embracing School

Amazing stories of courage in this article on The New York Times website. Read it if you have a spare minute or two. The importance of girls and women receiving education is essential in combating terrorism throughout the world.

10 January 2009

Target Samples

Samples I "designed" while in the Produce Department at the Super Target in Orem, Utah.

Photos taken on my mobile phone.

09 January 2009

Jason Chaffetz vs. Stephen Colbert: Bam.