27 December 2007

Having the holly jolly holidays

I am in Benton City, Washington, and totally having a blast with Pamela, my gorgeous fiance, and her family. Our Christmas day was very relaxed and fun. I dressed up as a present from Santa for Pamela, she was quite surprised I was in the wrapping paper when she got close enough to recognize me. I enjoyed surprising her.

The last few days have been full of good food and fun games. I learned how to play Rook and Quidler, both amazing and great. Mom and Dad Beus got us some great new board games to play, though Pamela has schooled me at every one so far, ha!

I am loving life and thrilled for the new year to come and for my soul to expand and encompass all the goodness that I can experience. God bless us all.

12 December 2007

A clear statement

Comments? I really enjoy Elder Ballard. Notice John: he said libertarians can be faithful members of the Church. How about that? ;-)

11 December 2007

New layout and...

The wedding has been postponed while Tod confronts personal demons and fights them with hot iron and smiles. I am full of joy and time is so insignificant to me as this phase of existence continually seems as a sliver to me. The eternities are large and I am loved by many. I wish you people could spend a moment inside me. It really is fantastic and terrible all at once, and then you would just want that ice cream, that eternally sweet and smooth experience. Life is definitely worth every moment, especially the crying-type moments.

Well here is a wonderful picture of Pamela and myself outside the Provo Utah Temple last Wednesday. I love her, and even though I am a goober she loves me too. What a life!

06 December 2007

Rough weekend but...

Things are certainly looking up and I feel alive and vibrant. Some events have shaken my reality but others have allowed me to challenge constructs that are harmful to my existence. I challenge the reality of incapability/incapacity within my own self. I am a being of eternal nature, though subject to certain laws and forces, I am able to rise above all shadow and shine brighter than any lightning. God is real. He is my Father. I am His son. I have power to challenge constructs, words, feelings, and histories. I will be what is necessary for the earth, for my earthly and heavenly kin.