22 September 2005

Signals, Calls, and Marches

I finally laid my hooks (remember the history of Tod pirate version 7.35?) on a Mission of Burma album, Ben, my good friend introduced me to them, but I had up to this point been negligent in investing my time and funds to receive said exultation.

I love it. All this new "indie" is basically patterned/mirrored off of these fine fellows and Gang of Four, they are far better at getting things done. I find MoB to be very powerful and unique. I recommend to all this album.

15 September 2005

The Magic Wardrobe for Yes Fans

Ok, not completely exclusive but I found this picture to be absolutely ridiculous.

If you happen to be into beastiality or gnome porn this the site to view, not really actually not, what?

That was fabricated on my part (not the picture, the gnome/porn reference).

What I meant to say is if you have any hardcore AD&D friends (note: if you know what that stands for you'll know what to do) then email them this link, yes, fans of Yes love it up.


06 September 2005

"Keep pets out"

Calexico I

There were barrels with the city name on them, she happened to grace the frame. She's got quite the slender girlish fingers... Hmm... Ninja?

Mexicali VII

This hotel is supposedly the finest in all of Mexicali. It's close enough to public transit and the aeropuerto.

Mexicali VI

The taxi we rode in. I believe the logo is a crow man wizard.

Mexicali V

Mexicali IV

Mexicali III

Mexicali II

I ordered too many tacos but gave these extras to our taxi driver, he was pretty happy.

Mexicali I

We got a taxi out to a little taco shop and these sauces were fantastic. The light green bowl was the best guaco I've had ever ever.

Southern California II

Southern California I

"Goblin School 2005"

This Divided State/Country/Awesomeworld

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic documentary by BYU alumni, Steven Greenstreet. It's called "This Divided State" and it's really fantastic, well I've only watched all the clips on the site including the trailer and I am absolutely stoked to buy the DVD. So that's the extent of my knowledge of the film... It follows the recent (2004) visit of Michael Moore to UVSC (Utah Valley State College) and the extreme rage it brought out of a lot of people, also the support of other minded Utahans. It's basically a fantastic depiction of civil discourse at it's worst and better-ish. Honest journalism, a fair representation of contemporary history something something.

I was unfortunately on my mission in Calgary still so I didn't have the pleasure of witnessing everything first hand, but I'm sure it was as awesome as the Thundercats Season Any or Labyrinth, hmm, David Bowie... I digress; check the site, I am proud to say this was made by a Utahan, in Utah:

This Divided State

Am I really proud of Utah because, really, Kay Anderson is not doing too swell representing me as a member of the LDS Church.