02 December 2005

Ready ready ready, COLOSSAL RIDE!

I wish to inform all that there will be some superb additions to le posts in short days, I have been designing a lot of funny pictures/posters for others and hope to share soon enough.

Also if I find some sort fo web-space I will post some of my more recent musical works. Expect a lot in the coming month, I'm really going to try to share with those of you who don't see me much, and I at least hope you check this every once and a while, that would be profitable to a lot of dutch ovens.



aisy said...

i won't believe it till i see it... you've been breaking my heart for weeks now

Seaneria said...

I agree with Special "A"...we've been waiting too long!!! When will this creative famine end and musical manna flow freely... when?