20 August 2012

Guns are for killing which are the guns that kill us

A delayed posting of my initial reaction in prose to the Aurora tragedy:

Guns are for killing which are the guns that kill us.
So when a man that reels with a mind heavy and ill
Pours violence on victims in the dark night and flickering awe,
I can only shake with monstrous grief at the thought
Of grey blood in the light of muzzle flashes,
Aisle blood flowing over my senses.
All these guns made for forcing entropy's reign
In the lone and dreary world.

15 February 2012

Webmaking 101

I have a fairly extended track record doing web stuff, but I figured it couldn't hurt to review the basics and help some people along the way. P2PU is a beautiful endeavor to enrich the Web and teach as many people as possible about web technologies. I'm very stoked to accept the challenge.

- Tod

29 September 2010

New Posts Soon...

So having been sucked into various realms and graduate school, new parenthood, et al, I am officially busy. I will be posting more on the blog soon, which will eventually be migrated to my personal website. A lot of things are happening around these parts and in my brain.

Stay tuned. I guess...