02 May 2008

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Will it go on?  We may not have direct control over this practice, but raise you voice with me in every opportunity that presents itself against such treatment of our enemies.  Can we turn the other cheek, or is Jesus Christ a 1st century maxim lost in the dust of a thousand conflicts wrought with paranoia?

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Fish Nat!on said...

pretty intense. I have mixed feelings about such things. On the one hand, i feel like whatever has been done has obviously worked...no attacks on america since nine eleven. I think that is one thing that nobody gives bush credit for. on the other hand, waterboarding and other such techniques are quite brutal. at what point does self protection warrant stooping to the level of our enemies? but at the same time, were not exactly sawing captured innocents head's off with bowie knives. so i dont know. sucks all around. powerful post, nonetheless