23 April 2008

I Can Never Tell

Perhaps I need one of those web-counters to see whether people even visit my blog.  I know it may seem vain, but I would like to see a comment on at least one of my last several posts.  I share to then share in an experience with others.  This blog is utterly wasted if no one else takes something from it, whether is be a random chuckle or a thought that lingers.

I know that some of my friends check this blog and are thankful I do post, and for that I am grateful.  I hope there would be an increase in participation as blogs seem to be one way of holding on to conversation, an art that is slowly slipping from our societies.

Let me know if I need to can my trash.  The poems can be a bit heavy for everybody including myself.  This post is mainly whacked as I am fighting a week of 7 finals and having to move out by Wednesday afternoon from my house, in the midst of finishing said finals.  Woof.

Godspeed women and men.


JM Hurst said...

trash shouldn't be canned, it should be thrown out. Only tuna and a few other things like peaches and green beans should be canned.

Lance&Nance said...

A poem:

tod has a nice bod.
in keeping the blog i give a nod.
trash is whack and needs be gone.
but tod, my friend i like the lawn.

I check your blog like 800 times a day....

eyun said...

If by seven finals, you mean that you will be putting on the armor and slaying dragons seven times, I wish you luck and wish I hadn't traded my magic stones for vintage baseball cards. You could well use them.

Oliver & Margy said...

No need for a can if it isn't trash. And sometimes we elliotts struggle commenting after complex and amazing posts. as well as that blasted word verification - i can never quite get passed it (seriously, tried three times today).

Fish Nat!on said...

google analytics my friend. analytics. then you shall know the secrets of your blog's popularity, or lack thereof.

carry on dear soldier

T.Douglas Robbins Esq. said...

Thank you all. And Drew: indeed. Thanks.

John-Riley Harper said...

Haha. Seeing comment counters at zero is why I deleted the entire ability to comment on my blog. I'd rather not see em :) Much less disappointment from a created need.