29 May 2008

Doctrine and Covenants Eighty-Eight

Artworks based on Doctrine and Covenants Eighty-Eight
by: Tod Robbins

Verse 68

Verse 73

More to come shortly, as it is an ongoing series of mine.


just a little bit mo said...

I really like the imagery with verse 68. Because it's abstract it allows me to explore many possible meanings of the text. Look forward to seeing more.

Fish Nat!on said...

post something already you freaking married person

Anonymous said...

:: hey, I am sorry we didn't make it to the reception. Kuni is in LA and Ollie is a handful. But we would like to celebrate your happiness {even if that entails buying you off with a gift} Let us know ::

Fish Nat!on said...

once again, just cuz you are married doesnt mean that you should utterly neglect your blog