20 May 2008

Thelma Young: My Hero

Thelma Young is one of my heroes.   She leads, with two other tremendous individuals, the U.S. Campaign for Burma.  As many of you know, the Burmese people have undergone some horrific events recently, and the military regime has put up a wall to the majority of aid pledged by so many.

As a bystander, I myself have so many issues with not only the Burmese junta's actions but also the inaction of the world.  I value a woman like Thelma who can say what she thinks and fights for it, not for her own glory or recognition but for the peace and love that surely should spread through the righteous' influence across the earth.  Thelma possesses great courage and grace.  She is full of a fire that both burns like an engine but also as a balm to those around her.  The Holy Ghost is with her actions, thoughts, pleas, and prayers.

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Emily said...

She is awesome, indeed.

You're pretty awesome too though...