01 April 2008

Scattered matter...

School is a strange force to reckon with in my mind.  I seem so capable of doing what is needed, laying out meticulous plans, and yet I reach the moment of action and bring forth little to nothing.  I am quite positive I have been lulled by something innocuous in my life, but whether I can comprehend it or not, I must still move forward.

I definitely need to sleep more and eat more often.  I would not be surprised if demons were at the gates of my very own heart and mind.  Critical paths are tied to my feet, though they will not wander too far into the forbidden fields with me.  

So now the question arises:  what is the most important thing I am neglecting that is causing my inaction?

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John-Riley Harper said...

It's not demons, man. It's just that some of this stuff actually is HARD. We seek the point of the lowest activation energy, and then hop around there thinking we could bust anything apart. Haha. I'm definitely facing it myself. :)