21 February 2008

Mid-term Destructionface

I slept in this morning until 9:50, and almost missed my first mid-term for my Introduction to Music class. I made it there with just enough time to breeze through the test and then correct it (which he had us do). I got 23 out of 30, or roughly 76%. Kind of sucks. And my head hurts, but now it's upwards into the celestial orbs for to open my mind to U.S. history. I need to do well on my U.S. history mid-term at 1 pm or else I might be sad for like a day or two.

I then have a Spanish chapter test at 2 pm, and I have to tell that I really have lost a lot of what I learned last semester. I hope I can at least remember how to conjugate a few verbs. O sad day! Where wast thy preparation?

Wah wah.


Fish Nat!on said...

probably wallowing in the same non-existent sphere as my own (preparation, that is)

Emily said...

there is an inordinate amount of empathy flowing from my soul to yours.
Truly, I feel the pain you have described.