05 February 2008

The Favorite Color Yellow

Upon watching the press conference of the newly constituted First Presidency, I was very surprised to hear President Thomas S. Monson explain that yellow is indeed his favorite color.

I was then browsing around some art blogs earlier today and happened to read about an interview on NPR with Eric Carle, of children's book fame, in which he also stated that yellow is his favorite color. Both American, both love yellow. Both are really fabulous people, though Carle still charges a lot for his books.

This is truly a great day for similarities. I wonder if I could like yellow too.


Fish Nat!on said...

sometimes i feel like yellow is very underappreciated. like eskimos

Robbins Esq. said...

Canadians are actually really nice. Even though they don't have tons of nuclear weapons. ;-)

The Dahle's said...

So before my mission i had dinner with President Monson and I wore a yellow tie. He told me that yellow is a powerful color and during my mission every time I had a baptism I wore that yellow tie on the day. Just thought I would share that.