01 February 2008


My proclamation is thus:

Four-score and approximately eleven days times three divided by two thirds is exactly when our country was attacked by dark wizards. I don't mean ethnic, but I DO mean dark. We must regather ourselves, light our beards as a candle to the dreary road and press on like a Zeus-fist. I elect the new month of February as the month of love-hate. Hating those who love, and loving those who hate.

Firstly, hate love as love, for dark wizards always want the puppies to be admired. Though a black wind blows, and kisses abound, never shall we as clansmenwo trade our morning salad and eggs for the likes of a walk on the beach. Nay, we shall never ACQUIESCE!

Secondly, love hate as the dying pools of Mythrondyl fade into the everpast so shall we stand by "WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN!" to embrace the Second Law of Thermodynamics and all things decaying. Love the haters, the bros, the warlocks, the Jews, & the Crude.

(This proclamation is pending upon common consent of the Poet's Guild February Congress of 2008)


Fish Nat!on said...

no thanks to you, i now have a most disturbing and mind curdling creed song going through my head.

Emily said...

Yea, verily, Tod Douglas, fellow hero and hater. I shall join you as you blaze a trail through the sickly fields of love and labrador puppies, leaving carcasses and black waters in our wake.