05 January 2008

A Good Start To School, and A Date

Thursday and Friday classes have now been experienced, and I rather enjoyed them. I really like my Peoples and Cultures of the Andes class, it's an anthropology course. Anyhoo, things are looking up and the semester should be a delight, Turkish even!

Pamela and Tod (me) went for a jog in the area, lively stuff. We had dinner and watched I Am Sam. I really enjoy this film, maybe it has to do with my association with men like the one portrayed by Mr. Sean Penn. He unfortunately is marginalized because he is a thinking man, and happens not to like President Bush.

Well... Before the film we went to the library and I randomly grabbed this book and was thoroughly amazed and dismayed by the images. A wonderful collection of a foggy age in U.S. history. Ta ta!

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