08 November 2007

Tired like a mule

I am about to sleep for a bit, but wanted to greet the universe with a kiss of friendship!

I am nearly to my wedding to Pamela, and we are almost sure we have a place to live now! School is moving along and I feel really optimistic about my future and the good I can do with good intent.

I was happy to see Referendum 1 defeated in the statewide vote. I hope something more comprehensive will be presented in the future as to viable options for education in this complex time. I may be an idealist, voting as one perhaps, but I claim no exclusive knowledge. I am ready to change my opinions when I feel it to be progressive to my nature and those directly affected by my actions. I also freely admit to being stubborn about stubborn people. I have work to do, inward and outward, and know it will be done as I do. Done as I do?

Farewell for a bit.

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