30 November 2007

This Old House: Provisional

Just over two weeks before I depart from Hot Strudel to marriage and cohabitation. Yes, yes, yes. I accept all the futurity of such wonderment, with all of its glorious consequences.

I happen to be in a fit of insomnia tonight (this morning), but I will change of course, as this kind of existence is transient and prohibits any sort of fullness of energy coming to my person.

I also feel like the coming weeks will show that I can be stable. No exacts about what "stable" means, but I am happy to announce that I feel such clarity as I have not known in all my life. The clarity is intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and even physical. I am ready for cancer, car accidents, hard drive failures, embarrassing stories being told about me, finding gold in my flower bed, riding a unicorn into a glowing morn', fly gently with a staff in my hand, or more preferably and ultimately: living a whole life full of bliss with Pamela Beus-soon-to-be-Mrs. Robbins, nights and days of worlds without end.

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