03 September 2009

Call it people's veiled racism

Call it people's veiled racism, call it complete paranoia. I don't know, but this is so ridiculous. "Don't indoctrinate my children with your brief speech Mr. Anti-America President!" I'm ashamed. Now to research whether this is happening in other states or just our conservative hotbed.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com


Leohtbaere said...

Where was the outcry when Bush was speaking to our children?

J. O'Day said...

I watched the speech live online and I have to say: Great Speech! It's kind of sad when conservatives are up in arms over a speech exhorting students to be hard working and responsible. Aren't those "conservative values"? Even sadder when you realize that the transcript of the speech was posted a week ago for all to read. Only the controversy was controversial.