02 December 2008

It's an outrage! Mormon church donated $2,864 to Yes on 8 effort

... an in-kind donation to pay for plane fare for some of its members.  

Wow.  And there are still legal cases being waged to strip the Church of tax-exempt status for its $2,864 expense, even though a church can spend up to 20% of its budget on political activity.  More here.


eyun said...

The bandwagon aspect of the Latter Day H8 thing is baffling. Who is to blame? Lazy inaccurate media, or the mindless followers?

Alonzo Riley said...

Uh, no offense, there's a big duuh here. Don't poke other people without expecting to get poked back.

Tod Robbins said...

True, true... but a vote is not the same to vandalism of property and the intimidation of businesses who supported a political idea.

No offense taken JR.